Off the Beaten Path

This site is the most complete source of information about Lectrolab amplifiers.

The Lectrolab information on these pages is organized by model number.  For each model there may be technical information (schematics, tube sets, speakers, etc.), history, photographs, videos, comments, historical prices, links to forum discussions, etc.  If a Lectrolab schematic or photo is not here, it’s probably almost impossible to find.

See “CONTENTS” at the right of each page, or in the pull-down menus above to visit a page for any Lectrolab product which is known to have existed.  If you have any information to add for a product, please feel free to post a comment, which you can do at the bottom of any page.  You can also email me by clicking the widget at the upper right of each page, just below the header photo.

I started this site when I acquired a Lectrolab guitar amp for which almost no information could be found (see the Model S 950 Rehab Project page for more info).  I thought someone should aggregate all the Lectrolab information still around and put it all in one place.

There are frequent additions and changes so check back in every once in a while or better yet, click on SUBSCRIBE (to your right on this page).

Thanks for visiting, and please leave a comment!

George Alexander

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6 Responses to Off the Beaten Path

  1. Jim says:

    I have an old Lectrolab amp, can’t seem to find anything close to it on your blog or elsewhere on the internet. It has a tall cabinet, reddish/maroon top and front, beige sides, and a diagonal bar over the speaker hole. It has two 6SC7, two 6V6, and a 5Y3. I’d like to track down the model number and schematics for it and get it going again. Can you help identify it? Anyone? Be glad to send you photos, but can’t see how to do that here.

    [See Jim’s amp HERE]

    • alexage1 says:

      Jim – thanks for your comment! We’ll get your pictures up quickly, and then CSI: Team Lectrolab will be on the case. Anybody seen anything like Jim’s amp?

  2. ed says:

    i have lectrolab amp t30 any idea what year this amp was made ….thanks

  3. Hi everyone, it so nice to know there are people who still love and keep their Lectrolab amp.
    I too own one, it model Lectrolab R600C, that my father help me to buy from old electric Store call Olson, that use be in Columbus, Ohio. That later years went out business, in early 70’s. We brought the Lectrolab in 1966. I keep ever since. For longest time I didn’t like look of it, because it was a brand amp. All my friend had name brand. I had a Gibson amp., before I brought the Lectrolab. Reason I traded in old Gibson, it was second hand, that had a few thing wrong with reverb, you had to kick amp to get the reveb to make a sound. So this is reason we trade in. Then I move into my own house with a garage attach to house, that I need to put stereo speaker in garage, because other speaker when bad. I was so cheap I didn’t want to put anymore money into speaker, so I use my Lectrolab, keep there for over 33 years. Ran ever since. I had a leaky roof 25 years ago, I thought cause damage to amp. So I reexamine, amp., and look for sign of water damage cause short out. I couldn’t see anything. So clean up again few other thing done to it. I fire up, ran great. But a little weak in first channel, some breaking up. I think it could be amplifier tube, is weak? I haven’t got that far to check out yet. I hope I can get answer from a friend of mine, to check out for me. If have a tube tester.. but the second channel, run great. If anyone here have a subjection, please forward to me what you may think it is? Other then they Keep on rocking! Feb. 1, 2015

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