Gotta Love This Craigslist Posting…

 lectrolab amp – picked up with garbage (Hurst TX)

“I am looking for a old lectrolab brand amp with one 12″ speaker. It was collected with the garbage on Billie Ruth Lane in Hurst, TX on 6/1/10. Please let me know if you or someone you know picked it up from the curb. Cash reward – Thanks”

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3 Responses to Gotta Love This Craigslist Posting…

  1. gmoon says:

    A little info on my R600 is posted at EMF:

    It’s definitely an “in progress” restoration…

    The chassis itself isn’t branded “Lectrolab”, but it’s otherwise identical to other R600s–same layout, “cardboard” cab, 6×5 rectifier, etc. And the schematic (labeled as Lectrolab) is different and somewhat older than the version on Schematic Heaven…

  2. sam458 says:

    I have what I believe is a 1941 lectrolab harp amplifier with Ken-Rad vacuum tubes
    I have pics of it and was wondering if there was any way to accurately identify it. It looks to be much older than any of the others I’ve seen here.

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