Never seen a Lectrolab guitar?  Neither have I, BUT we can all see Sound Projects Co. guitars and Lectrolab pickups.  Click on the title to go to the page for each item.

 Fuzz Buzz Pedal 9-27-10 01



RV100 11-26-10 01


Steel 9-22-10 03


Ex. 1


Troubadour Steel 00-00-02 01


One Response to GUITARS ETC.

  1. Marc Ferch says:

    It’s nice to see some info on these instuments and amps. I aquired a Troubador lap steel guitar after a good friend passed away. After a little cleaning I had it looked at by a couple of folks and finally got it running. The cord was very old and cracking but the cardboard fret marker was in good shape. it has a new pickup in it that is along the same style and a new cord with a quarter inch jack on it and now it sounds fine. I look forward to playing and recording with my new toy Marc Ferch Milwaukee wisconsin

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