We have two different types so far.

This one was found on a three-neck lap steel (see that here):


This one was discovered on eBay.  It attaches to an acoustic guitar.  The two black knobs are Volume and Tone.  I think the left side (in this picture) abuts the bridge of the guitar, and the right side goes against the neck side of the sound hole.  The pickup can be slid back and forth for ideal positioning.

The tuner at bottom is is unrelated to the pickup:

Add-on Pickup for guitar


2 Responses to Pickups

  1. sliptheknot says:

    *important info*
    The slider pickup is for a 24 3/4 scale archtop. The two bottom points fit in the adjustment wells under the adjustable bridge n the spikes fit under the elevated fretboard. It may work with a flat top set for high action, but luck be with you. Just something to keep in mind if you score one of these beauties. It can be installed on a longer scale arch by removing the bolts connecting the tone and volume controls n replaced with the appropriate sized wood screws. Sent pix some time ago of a “philharmonic p-66” branded r600c which leads one to believe lectrolab did contract out. So keep your eyes peeled. I live in the Chicago burbs n this stuff isn’t getting any easier to find. Cheers and happy hunting.

  2. John says:

    I have a Lectrolab pick up that my Dad had, it has the two screws that go into the neck of the guitar. It has two pick ups with four knobs and a three way switch, it has a cord that is a forth of the size of a regular cord with a regular plug at the end. Anybody have an idea about this pick up and how much it may be worth? Let me know at mojorzn1@aol.com! Thanks.

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