RV100 Reverb Unit

Transistor driven, small spring reverb unit.  Consigned to the dust bin of history, and probably deserving of the address.  But still, this would look fine coupled with an “S” series amp…


4 Responses to RV100 Reverb Unit

  1. Hawkeye Kane says:

    Looks somewhat similar in design to the LaFayette Echo Verb units. Ever see these up for sale anywhere?

    • alexage1 says:

      Don’t know about the LaFayettes. VERY occasionally see a Lectrolab Reverb for sale. I think I bought the last one seen on eBay about a year and a half ago, non-working, still on my fix-it backlog list.
      – George

      • Hawkeye Kane says:

        Got a rough guesstimate as to how much you’d want for it once it’s done? Or would yyou be willing to sell it as is? Buddy of mine just bought an old R500 and he might want some reverb added to it.

  2. Hawkeye Kane says:

    Look at how tiny that reverb tank is! Almost like a scaled down version of the notorious Danelectro reverb tank. Happen to know if it operated like the Dano verb? Piezo pickup rather than inline signal?

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