Troubadour Guitar

The origins of Lectrolab, and its parent – Sound Projects Company – are shrouded in the haze of time.  Perhaps it began as a machine shop, or a cabinet-maker.  Or maybe, just maybe, it sprang into life to take advantage of a radically wacky new idea, the Electric Guitar.

The Troubadour brand is a very early entry in the history of the electric guitar and guitar amplification. 

Troubadour Guitar

Thanks to one of our readers, John McGuire, we have also found examples of an archtop guitar with what appears to be a pickup identical to that on the lap steel, and the Troubadour brand label!  John informs us that Ex. 2 below was “found in the attic of an old defunct guitar store”.  Thank you, John!

The guitar itself is a very old-style archtop with small violin-like f-holes.  “Troubadour” is stenciled on the headstock in the same font as that on the lap steel and amp (see below).  There is binding on the body, but not the neck or headstock. As on the lap steel, the pickup also serves as the bridge.  Very cool art deco knobs are identical to those on the lap steel.


8 Responses to Troubadour Guitar

  1. tim terwan says:

    i just bought a troubadour acoustic guitar for €10,-, don’t know much about it, but i could sent some pictures if youre interrested.
    greetings from holland

  2. Paul de Haas says:

    I actually have one without the pickup, same violin-like f-holes but lower and look slightly larger.

    Is this a collectors’ item?

    • Akke Teunissen says:

      Dag Tim en Paul, Ik heb onlangs een troubadour gitaar gekocht. Deze heeft zeer mooie f-gaten. Ik ben heb aan het restaureren. Er is weinig bekend over de herkomst. Hebben jullie verdere info? We kunnen foto’s uitwisselen. Met vriendelijke groet, Akke Teunissen

      • arie van konijnenburg says:

        Beste Akke,

        een kennis van me heeft een troubadour. Ik kom over dat merk in het net niet meer tegen dan deze site. Heb jij inmiddels al meer gevonden over trouobadour?

        Vriendelijke groet, Arie

  3. Hannu Leivo says:

    I have acoustic parlor mahogany Trubadour guitar! That´s all i knmow about it.

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  5. Tony Tubes says:

    Hello from Wisconsin! I have great news! A Lectrolab Troubadour Spanish guitar and matching M200 amp ser# 1081 ca.1940 were recently (Dec ’16) acquired by a friend. I am a longtime amp tech so getting the amp up and running again was a simple and enjoyable task, and it sounds soooo sweet tho not very loud. The mint-condition 8inch Rola speaker was typical radio fare at the time and could fill a house with sound but falls way short by today’s standards. The guitar is currently undergoing restoration and may be playable again despite a severely warped neck- yes, there is a non-adjustable square bar truss rod that warped too. I now have the pickup assembly and will be evaluating it’s function. One thing i do know already is there is a voltage being sent to this unit from the amp..could this be some early form of active pickup? Will it be safe to use? If the guitar is playable then could it be the only functioning Lectrolab Troubadour Spanish Guitar/M200 setup in the USA? Time will tell….

  6. Kees says:

    The Troubadour guitars in Holland were made in Apeldoorn (NL) between 1945 and 1954. The factory was founded by Pierre Servaas. The signature differs from the Lectrolab Troubadour. I also have one of these with arch top and f-slots and a scale length of 62cm (7/8). Kind regards, Kees

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