See links at right for more information on each model.

R400 C
R500 B
R500 C
R500 C
R600 C
R700 C

R100 Possibly 1-6SQ7; 1-6V6; 1-5Y3 Possibly 1-6″ 1-Volume
R100C 1-12AU6; 1-50C5; 1-35W4 1 – 6″? 1-Volume; 1-Tone
R200 2-12J5; 1-50L6; 1-35Z5 1-6″ 1-Volume; 1-Tone
R200B 2-12BF6, 1-50L6, 1-35X5 1-6″ 1-Volume; 1-Tone
R300 1-6SN7; 1-6V6; 1-5Y3 1-6″ 1-Volume; 1-Tone
R400 UNKNOWN   1-Volume; 1-Tone
R400B 2-6SN7; 1-6V6; 1-5Y3 1-10″ 2-Volume; 1-Tone
R400C 2-12AX7; 1-EL84; 1-6V4 1-10″ 1- Volume; 1-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth
R500 2-12AY7; 2-6V6; 1-5Y3 1-12″  2-Volume; 1-Tone
R500B 2-12AX7; 2-6V6; 1-5Y3 1-12″  2-Volume; 1-Tone
R500C 2-12AX7; 2-; 1-6CA4 1-12″  2-Volume; 2-Tone
R600 2-12AY7; 1-6SH7; 2-6V6; 1-6X5 1-12″ 2- Volume; 2-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth
R600B 2-12AY7; 1-6SJ7; 2-6V6; 1-5Y3 1-12″ 2- Volume; 2-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth
R600C 2-12AX7; 2-6BQ5; 1-6AU6; 1-6CA4 1-12″; 1-3″ 2- Volume; 2-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth
R700C 2-12AX7; 2-6BQ5 1-15″ 1-Volume; 1-Treble; 1-Bass
R800D 4-12AX7; 2-6BQ5 1-15″ 2- Volume; 2-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth
“S” SERIES      
S400 1-6EU7; 1-6AU6; ; 1-EL84; 1-6X4 2-8″ 1- Volume; 1-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth
S500 2-12AX7; 2-6BQ5; 1-6CA4 1-12″  2-Volume; 2-Tone
S600 2-12AX7; 2-6AU6; 2-6BQ5 1-12″ 2- Volume; 2-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth
S950 5-12AX7; 1-12AU7; 2-7189 Head w/2-12″ Cab 2- Volume; 2-Tone; Trem Speed; Depth; Reverb; Fade
R203 1-12AU6; 1-50C5; 1-35W4 1-6″ 1-Volume; 1-Tone
R204D 1-12AU6, 1-12AV6, 1-50C5, 1-35W4  1-8″ 1-Volume; 1-Tone
R402 1-12AU6; 1-50C5; 1-35W4 1-8″? 1-Volume; 1-Tone



10 Responses to AMPLIFIERS

  1. Garrett says:

    I have a book or rather 60’s hard cover catalog that features 10 different lectrolab amps including that s950 model, which was appearently sold as a piggy back with a two 12 cab.

    • Dave says:

      Does that book happen to include the Model R203? My buddy has had this amp his whole life, and we plan to make a clone or two in order to keep the original in current condition. After looking all over the webs, we realized that there is very little info to be found on Sound Projects or Lectrolab amps. I have a ton on pics of the inside of this amp, parts list, and schematic in progress. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Dennis Johnson says:

      I have an old steel guitar with Lectrolab pick-ups. Does your book show or mention anything about them or steel guitars? Mine is a triple neck. [editor’s note: see this page for more info and photos]

  2. Marc Truelove says:

    I hsve an r600D tr any info on that? It has one volume one tone modulation speed and reverb knobs and a switch on the botom of the chassis 4 el84 tubes 4ever small tubes and a 5y3. And a jenson mod speaker dated 12/ 07. With an extension cab with the same. Any info would be great.

  3. DILLARD hoskins says:

    I own a R400C amp I have had since 1960 and it still sounds as good as it ever did what is an estimated value.of a vintage amp.of this make And model

  4. Steve says:

    I have a Sound Projects U100, but I can’t find any info about this model. It has a Coronet 12SQ7, GE50L6GT, and Sylvania 35Z5GT. Does anyone know anything about it?

  5. John Thompson says:

    Could this be the R100? Looks unmolested and unspoiled, got it off ebay, Tiny little thing, 10 x 8 x 5. 12sq7gt, 506L 35z5 Pics at:

    • John Thompson says:

      Volume pot dates to April 1951, after repairing a broken speaker lead it works with a sweet tone! Still sending it to amp tech to check caps and ground. The cabinet is all plywood, 3/8 sides and bottom, 1/4 inch front and top

    • John Thompson says:

      Only Markings are the script “Lectralab” and beneath in an all caps helvetica “CHICAGO” in black that is growing faint, part of the same decal.

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