• Tubes: 4 – Unknown
  • Speaker: 8″

Among the earliest products known from Sound Projects Company is the K100 amplifier.  It is similar to the Troubadour amp in size, design and color.  It was probably built in the 1930’s.

Click to enlarge:



3 Responses to K100

  1. Jim Burnham says:

    I have one of these with a lap steel Hawaiian guitar.
    Model K100, Serial # 3078.
    Mine has a Jensen speaker though.
    Still works!

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    I picked up a K100 SN 2945 paper speaker is shot.
    I am looking to rebuild this. also came with a DeArmond Tremolo mounted on the side.

  3. James Burkett says:

    I’m having a sound projects 100 repaired but the guy is stuck on the resistor that sends power to the pre amp input circuit. Anyone know the values? There is 110 v current to the resistor and nothing on the other side.

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