Model 20

Tubes: 1-6SJ7; 1-6V6GT; 1-Type 80

Speaker: Possibly 8″

Here’s another one!  New models keep popping up  – we’ll probably never know everything Lectrolab produced, but each sighting brings us closer to the unobtainable ideal!

Sam G. got this amp in the early 1990’s, it was probably close to 50 years old then.  It appears to have been made in the early 1940’s (speaker and pot dates are 1941) and is unique among Lectrolabs for its frond-shaped speaker cut-outs.  Thanks to Sam for alerting us and sending in the pictures below!

If anyone knows anything about this amp, or has one, please respond to the email at the upper right of the page.


Click to enlarge:


4 Responses to Model 20

  1. Les says:

    Have a Sound Projects Amp- Model #30. Does anyone know the year it was made or any other info.? Serial # is 7400. My dad used it playing in granges and practice years ago.

  2. Les says:

    Was wondering if anyone had some info.? I had ONE reply a while back, but was lost. If whomever responded see’s this again, or anyone else has any info., can you please let me know?

  3. Tom says:

    Hi, i have a lectrolab model 20 ,8 inch speaker ,same tubes 6sj7 6v6 and rare 80 rectifier,i put a globe 8o in mine i think its got more warmth and spongey feel to it, cabinet is different from the front on mine it has the supro/valco three cut away front,but other than that exactly the same as pictured,what year is it from you think? — Tom

  4. alexage1 says:

    Based on the tube models, I think this amp was likely produced between 1938 (when the 6SJ7 was introduced, and 1947, by which time most manufacturers had ceased to use the Model 80 rectifier in favor of the 5Y3 ( I don’t know how World War II impacted Lectrolab production, but it may be that few if any amps were produced during the war years as much manufacturing was redirected toward the war effort.

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