Here’s what we know:

There is an Lectrolab model R100C, probably produced in the early/mid sixties.  That indicates, with some certainty, that there was a R100, and a R100B (see Bill T’s comment bottom of page), but no visual evidence of those first two models has been found yet.  If you have one, let me know!

Some Lectrolab amps were produced with no model number on them, perhaps the R100/R100B are like that.  Who knows?

These R100C photos were found on a Brazilian auction site. The tubes are described as 1-12AU6; 1-50C5; 1-35W4, and it is reported to be 11-1/2″H, 12-3/4″ W, 7-1/8″D.


Lectrolab R200 from 1953?  This is what the author titles the video, but amends that in the comment sections to say he thinks it’s a R100B (comment is in German).  That makes a lot more sense given the cabinet style, and the fact that all other examples of Lectrolab R200’s look nothing like this.  So perhaps this is the earliest Lectrolab found so far?  Sounds great to me.


Here’s a description of an amp that looked like the one in the video above, from http://www.bazaar-world.com/guitar-amp-1416-Lectrolab-Tube-Guitar-Amp-1950-s-Very-Cool-Amp (sold in 2007):

Lectrolab Tube Guitar Amp… Electronics look to be 100% original. Nothing looks to have been replaced, with the possible exception of the AC plug end. Single-ended amp has one 6SQ7 preamp tube, one 6V6 power tube, and one 5Y3 rectifier tube. All tubes are RCA brand. Alnico speaker. Amp is in good working order.”


Here’s one on eBay from August 2010:


17 Responses to R100

  1. Bill Takatsuki says:

    I just repaired a model R100B a few months ago. The differences that I remember are that the chassis was mounted on the bottom of the case and the speaker had an Alnico magnet. Otherwise, same basic look and layout, same tubes, same controls.

    • Rusty says:

      we think we have one of the r100b. the chassis is mounted on the bottom and the model # is r100b. we wanted to know what it was worth

    • HawkeyeKane says:

      I have a friend with an R100B. Looks like a take off an early Champ circuit, but with a 12SQ7 preamp tube. Have pictures and I’ll send them to George.

  2. mosanty says:

    I had one of these in the early 2000’s and am still kicking myself to letting it go (although after it was restored -I got a good profit on it)

    This thing is an absolute gem. Hated it with humbuckers. But turn everything to 11, plug in a good stat with a volume pedal, use the tone knobs generously and you have a little monster with tone that can go from warm bell-link tones & smooth creamy leads (Clapton-Hendrix) to an absolute fire breathing monster (Jimmy Page). Just place a decent mic’ on it and let her rip.

    NEVER should have sold that amp. ****!!!!

  3. Alexandre says:

    I am the brazilian owner of that amp. It has a creamy sound, just like early Yardbirds age. I’m fascinated for it. If you want I can post a video to demonstrate like it sounds. Regards.

  4. billy hicks says:

    I have an r100c … crazy little thing but sounds awesome for recording or small resteraunt jazz gig. bought for $10 in Corsicana tx. at a junk store. turned it on and it had a buzz/hum. so I knew : power tran worked, spkr worked, and output tran worked. took it home, but in a cap or two… worked every since. great little booger. wish I had another one…ha

  5. Bob Fechter says:

    Hello, I’ve sent you an email of my Sound Projects Co. R100B with pictures.

  6. Brad Engelby says:

    Hi. I am looking for information on the Lectrolab reverb pre-amp model RV100. this has been stored in my Dad’s closet. Mom says he had got new in the late 50’s used it one time and its been in a box ever since.

  7. Bob Claster says:

    I have an R100C that I picked up in a yard sale about 15 years ago, and stuck up in a closet and forgot about, since I was between electric guitars at the time. Now, I have a Tele and a 12-string Strat, and pulled the damn thing down and checked it out. It hummed and buzzed something fierce, but it sounded great when it didn’t, so I replaced the 3 tubes. Now, it’s wonderful! Question, though: is it safe? Should I replace the cord with something either directional or grounded, and if so, how?

  8. Alexandre says:

    Hello friends. Excuse me for delay of my demo video that I had promissed before. My R100C has failed and I need to repair it. I have a doubt in respect of its loudspeaker. My unit is exactly these on the first pics above. I have cleaned the loudspeaker seal with thinner and it revealed that it is assembled with a Pioneer TS-160 loudspeaker (that’s a car speaker!). Anybody knows which are the specs of the original loudspeaker? Thanks

  9. Alexandre says:

    maybe these links must be better:

  10. Vincent says:

    Hello guys,
    Very nice web site. Thanks to you, I bought my first Lectrolab yesterday : a R100C.
    I’m fully aware of the limitations of this amp about security, so I’m planning to install a 3 cord power cable, a fuse holder and a pilolight.
    Is there anybody to share the schematics with me ? Indeed the wiring is simple, but I would feel more confortable and secure with the schematics.
    Also, if anyone had already done this improvement and ready to share, I’ll be very happy to have a look.
    Many thanks
    Vincent (Switzerland)

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