• Tubes: 1-35w4; 1-50c5; 1-12AU6.  

Like the R203, R204D, and perhaps others yet to be found, this is an oddball.  The design and manufacturing is lower cost than the rest of the Lectrolabs. 

Were these made by another manufacturer and labeled Lectrolab?


3 Responses to R402

  1. Jamie says:

    This was my 1st amp bought new in 1965 along with a Danelectro guitar for a package price of $124.

    Had it for many years and recall its cheap construction. The baffle board worked itself loose and I eventually lost the metal handle. Sure brought back memories seeing it here on the site!

    • Hawkeye Kane says:

      A Lectrolab amp with a Dano guitar? That’s odd! I mean I know Dano wasn’t known for mass production of practice-size amps for package deals beyond the Amp-in-the-Case. But they did make a lot of Silvertone badged practice amps.

      This R402, and a few other on this site, actually look very similar to a number of Alamo amps I’ve run across recently, just in terms of cosmetics, cab design, and layout.

  2. Jamie says:

    Hawkeye- The music store I bought my Lectrolab amp and Danelectro guitar from was a very small Ma & Pop store in Milwaukee. It simply was a matter of offering me the the most inexpensive guitar and amp they had in stock, I certainly don’t recall there being any other option presented to me. I was only 6 yrs. old and my mother was paying for the gear.

    My guess is that most of these R402’s ended up in a landfill as they were built cheaply and not meant to last. Most owners probably moved on to a professional level amp and discarded the R402. Being 6 yrs old I wasn’t gigging but yet I recall the amp falling apart on me just moving it from room to room in my house.

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