The most complex amp ever built by Lectrolab was sold as a head that came with a 2-12″ speaker cabinet.

2 Channels, Reverb and Tremolo on channel one.

Tubes: 1-12AU7, 5-12AX7, and 2-EL84 or 2-7189

See the S950 Rehab Page for much more information.

This WAS the only known photo of another S950 (in addition to mine) until…

…Steve Wilson sent a photo of his!

Finally, my Model S 950 has found another.  It is so lonely when you think you’re the last of the species.  Owner Steve Wilson is a very cool guy with an awesome collection of funky amps and guitars.  You can read and hear about his music at http://www.plasticsoulmusic.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/plasticsoul/

Thanks, Steve!




This one was sold for $299 on eBay, auction ending 8/22/10.  No doubt the amp is a Lectrolab S950, but it’s been put into a Fender blackface-style 2×12 combo cab which is wider than the Lectrolab chassis, hence the “filler” of some sort on the right side of the face.  Inelegant, to be sure, but I bet it sounds pretty cool.  And what other 15 watt hand-wired 2-12″ with reverb and tremolo is going to be had for under $300?  1960’s era Vox AC-15 Twins are fetching up to $2,500, and they didn’t have reverb.


2 Responses to S950

  1. Paul gladd says:

    I have a lectrolab s295 single head unit not with speaker cabinet I was just wondering how old this unit is if anyone is interested or knows anything about how to discover the age plz contact me at 312-937-9795

  2. rich says:

    Found one at a pawn shop in Chicago. Not sure if ill buy it at 299. Needs work.

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