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This site is the most complete source of information about Lectrolab amplifiers.

The Lectrolab information on these pages is organized by model number.  For each model there may be technical information (schematics, tube sets, speakers, etc.), history, photographs, videos, comments, historical prices, links to forum discussions, etc.  If a Lectrolab schematic or photo is not here, it’s probably almost impossible to find.

See “CONTENTS” at the right of each page, or in the pull-down menus above to visit a page for any Lectrolab product which is known to have existed.  If you have any information to add for a product, please feel free to post a comment, which you can do at the bottom of any page.  You can also email me by clicking the widget at the upper right of each page, just below the header photo.

I started this site when I acquired a Lectrolab guitar amp for which almost no information could be found (see the Model S 950 Rehab Project page for more info).  I thought someone should aggregate all the Lectrolab information still around and put it all in one place.

There are frequent additions and changes so check back in every once in a while or better yet, click on SUBSCRIBE (to your right on this page).

Thanks for visiting, and please leave a comment!

George Alexander

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Excellent Find!

Jim Colby sends these pics with a request for help!  Can anyone identify this amp?  Any information is appreciated.

It appears to be the oldest Lectrolab example yet uncovered.  Found in a barn.

Tubes: 1-6SL7; 1 -6SC7; 2-6V6; 1-5Y3

Great pics, Jim.  Click to enlarge:

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Gotta Love This Craigslist Posting…

 lectrolab amp – picked up with garbage (Hurst TX)

“I am looking for a old lectrolab brand amp with one 12″ speaker. It was collected with the garbage on Billie Ruth Lane in Hurst, TX on 6/1/10. Please let me know if you or someone you know picked it up from the curb. Cash reward – Thanks”

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